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04:00 PM-04:30 PM
Meyerhoff - מאירהוף
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Tal Keinan טל קינן

Chief Executive Officer, KCPS Clarity

Tal Keinan is an American-born Israeli entrepreneur and financier and the founder and CEO of KCPS Clarity, a New York and Tel Aviv based investment management firm.[1] He is a leading proponent of the vision of Israel as a major exporter of financial services, and has served in numerous policy forums in pursuit of this goal, including the 2007 Ariav Commission, a Bank of Israel-Finance Ministry task force on creating a global financial center in Israel.[2][3] [4] Keinan was recognized as a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum in 2010.[5]


Keinan was born in Miami, Florida in 1969 and studied at Philips Exeter Academy and the Georgetown School of Foreign Service before immigrating to Israel in 1990 and enlisting in the Israeli Air Force (IAF).[6] For much of the decade, Keinan served as a fighter pilot, becoming the only new immigrant in recent history to have joined the ranks of the IAF Air Crew, a small and private community.[7] He now serves in the IAF reserves with the rank of lieutenant colonel. Following his military service, Keinan received an MBA from Harvard Business School and then returned to Israel, serving in the early 2000s as a partner at Giza, a leading Israeli venture capital firm.[8]

KCPS Clarity

Keinan is one of the founders and the CEO of Israel's first full-spectrum asset-management firm, KCPS Clarity, whose mission is to play a leading role in forging an Israeli financial services industry of global standing, comparable to that of the Israeli technologyindustry.[9] The firm was established by Keinan in 2005 with David Steinhardt and Jay Pomrenze to embrace the opportunities unlocked by capital market reforms introduced by then finance minister Benjamin Netanyahu.[10] Keinan is a sought after speaker and writer on the Israeli and global economy and is a central figure in the bestselling book about Israel's economic growth, Start-up Nation.[11][12][13][14]

Other Activity

Keinan is a social activist in areas of education, economic development and conflict resolution. He is the Chairman of Koret Israel Economic Development Funds, a not-for-profit organization providing credit to small and micro-businesses. Koret has facilitated over $300,000,000 in loans to date.[15] Keinan serves on the Boards of Directors of the Steinhardt Foundation, Heseg Fund, and Reut Institute.[16] He is also linked to the ongoing effort by Dr. Eugene Kandel, chairman of the Israeli Prime Minister's Council of Economic Advisors, to launch a world-class graduate school of finance in Israel.[17] Keinan is among the few Israeli investors active in the Palestinian Authority.[18]